Compagnie de l'Engineering de l'Electricité et du Gaz

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The Electricity and Gas engineering company CEEG is a subsidiary of sonelgaz, created in 2009, ceeg is in charge of the project management ( studies, supervision,work control,reception and entry into service of equipments ) of building energy infrastructures project ( electricity and gas production means, gas trasport networks and high voltage renewable energies ), and this in the best technical conditions, of cost, quality and fulfillment deadline. The mission of the electricity and gas engineering company consist of : 1- to contribute in the elaboration of general politics of the group in the following fields : investments, technique, works fulfillment methods, planning. 2- to elaborate studies and works programs and ensure their fulfillment according to decisions of the group's investments committee. 3- to promote and develop the national integration in the various phases of the construction of projects . 4- to look after the quality of the conception and the realized studies. 5- ensure the strict application of the rules of investlents management, orders and markets and contracts . 6- ensure the permanent control of sites in the various phases of fulfillment ( technical control, quantity, cost, tests and control before receiving and entering into service of equipments ) .


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