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ALVEOTER AT : Cellular geosynthetic to maintain soil on embankments and fight against erosion. ALVEOTER AR : Cellular geosynthetic used to reinforce the bases of embankments and compressible land. ALVEOTER M3S : Retaining and strengthening technique for high embankments.

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Studies and monitoring, consultancy, technical support and verification of the use of Geosynthetic solutions.

Supply of geotechnical equipment.

Its equity capital is 250,000,000 DA.

Since 2009, AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa has been producing ALVEOTER type cellular geosynthetics with cell heights of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 cm and a production capacity of 2,000,000 m²/year in three product lines:

ALVEOTER AT : to maintain soil on embankments and fight against erosion.

ALVEOTER AR : to reinforce the ground.

ALVEOTER M3S : a high embankment retaining and strengthening system for heights up to 15 m. The ALVEOTER product even has applications on the European and African markets.
These products developed by the company interest several sectors of activity.

In 2013, in order to fulfil Algeria’s needs, AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa continued its growth by completing its second geotextile production plant with a capacity of 6,000 tonnes/year.
AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa produces non-woven neddle punched geotextiles using high tenacity 100% polypropylene and 100% polyester fibres with a surface density of between 100 gr/m² to 1,200 gr/m² available in three product lines:

The AS line for separation and filtration applications

The AP line for mechanical protection applications.

The AD line for household applications.

AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa is the leading Algerian geotextile producer.

Since early 2017, AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa produces geocomposites with a production capacity of 1,000,000 m²/year split over four product lines:

SOMDRAIN AT5 : for sealing and drainage applications.

ALVEODRAIN AF : for drainage applications.

SOMTUBE A : for under-embankment drainage applications.

DRAINTUBE A : for leaching drainage applications in waste storage facilities.
At AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa, in addition to producing and supplying effective products, we act as a true partner by supporting contracting authorities and project managers from the design of works documents through to project acceptance.

AFITEX ALGÉRIE has a certain number of CNERIB technical approvals, in particular for sealing and drainage. On 30 January 2019, it had 84 employees of which 28 managers.

The company activity is mainly centred around :

  • The production of Geosynthetic product lines
  • The supply of complementary geosynthetic solutions.
  • The supply of geotechnical equipment.
  • Technical support and verification of the use of Geosynthetic solution services. AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa geosynthetic solutions are used to:
  • Improve the mechanical and/or hydraulic characteristics of land or materials,
  • To make savings in noble material volumes (sand, gravel, etc.),
  • To partially or fully replace granular materials,
  • To build quickly,
  • To increase structural durability,
  • To lower the cost of structures,
  • To limit the opening of quarries and borrow areas,
  • To limit traffic and the number of machinery rotations,
  • To reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions.

 The company has also become an approved economic operator for the Customs department as well as the protection of the national production of the geotextile line in line with government policy to encourage local production and promote locally produced products for export.

 AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa is ISO 9001 version 2015 certified.

 AFITEX ALGÉRIE Spa is the partner of a large number of universities and engineer schools for research and development.

ALGERIA, Algiers Cité Les Castors Villa N° 41, Bordj El Kiffan, 16411


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